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Monday, August 23, 2010

Reflection: What I have Learned

What did you find surprising or striking as you furthered your knowledge about how people learn?

Throughout this course, I furthered my knowledge about “how people learn”. The course material provided was very relevant and systematically sorted according to the time frame. As my day to day work involves with curriculum development and teacher training related to secondary education in my country, some of the striking points I noted are as follows:
 It is important to consider that our teachers have their own learning styles and therefore we as teacher educators have to consider various learning strategies to provide them better learning environment.
 We need to apply the features discussed in various learning theories such as constructivism, adult learning, and multiple intelligence theory.

How has this course deepened your understanding of your personal learning process?

In the very beginning of this course, we were exposed to re-think about our own learning. I think this is also a good strategy imposed by our course providers. So, I recalled my memories from k-12 education, undergraduate and postgraduate education. This course directed me to analyze my learning styles, what type of learning theories our teachers had used, how they had directed me and why my past teachers had punished and rewarded me. As according to the course literature provided and also responses and comments in our discussion forum, I always contrasted and mapped them with my personal learning process. Further, these days I mapped the things I learned with my kids learning styles and try to apply relevant theories and strategies into practice. These home based trials will lead me to a better understanding of ‘theory into practice’ and about the difficulties that I have to face as a teacher trainer.

What have you learned regarding the connection between learning theories, learning styles, educational technology and motivation?

Within this course, I have clearly seen the importance of the connection of these four elements. However, I believe the connection should be varies according to the context. Moreover, when connecting educational technologies with learning theories and strategies, we have to consider cost-effective ways because technology lies in a wide spectrum. In other words, we do not need to go for high-end technologies if it is not essential for that particular context. The motivation is a compulsory element in learning process. It is true not only for learning but also for our day to day work we need some kind of motivation because we all are humans.

How will your learning in this course help you as you further your career in the field of instructional design?
This course provided me a vast knowledge related to learning theories and instruction. Contributing to discussion forums within this course further broaden my thinking directed to instructional designing. By having in depth understanding about various learning theories, learning styles and knowing about the availability of latest technologies, I have confidence to sort appropriate things needed for my career in the field of instructional design. But, I think confidence it self is not enough. Therefore, to become a good instructional designer, I need real time experience by designing and developing instructional material as according to the course we learned. I hope we all will get a chance to expose ourselves to this environment within the forthcoming courses.

Ormord, J., Schunk, D., & Gredler, M. (2009) Learning theories and Instruction (Laureate custom edition). New York: Pearson.

Ormrod, J; A series of video programs on learning theories


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